About Me

"My beautiful wife Masha and I"  (She's the sun of my life and my muse)

"My name is Lee... I make beautiful films...and I love my job!

I love it, I really love it!!!

I get to travel the country, meet amazing people and make gorgeous films about their awesome wedding days

If it wasn't for food, clothing and my mortgage I'd do it for free

When I'm not working as a wedding cinematographer I work as a freelance cameraman and video editor. It really helps with my wedding film work as I'm constantly being challenged to be creative through innovation and style

I have won numerous awards and had my work shown all over the world at many prestigious events

But I don't like to talk about it  (I'm modest - honest)*

If you have a spare 3 mins take a look at my showreel at the bottom of this page...it's pretty funky (and will hopefully give you a insight into my inventive/quirky mind)

I use a wide range of techniques and equipment to shoot, ranging from stunning 4K UHD resolution video, to gorgeously charismatic Super 8mm film (and everything in between; including Go Pros, Drones and HD DSLRs)

I pride myself on the high quality of my work and I consider it an honour to be chosen to capture a wedding day on film

Knowing that I've preserved  precious memories for many years to come is an amazing feeling"


Lee Matthews

Creative Director

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*Buy me a beer and I will tell you all about it no doubt

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