Frequently Asked Questions


Hopefully this list will help with any queries you may have


We really want a videographer for our wedding, but won't it be intrusive?

My style of wedding filmmaking is quite the opposite. I won't ask you or any of your guests to make any awkward poses or constantly be getting in everyone's way with a huge camera and large video lights. I appreciate that it's your wedding day and not a film set. I'm very unobtrusive and I really love capturing people just being themselves and enjoying the day

It's very common to hear couples telling me "we didn't even notice you were there"

I always work with the photographer to ensure we compliment each other in our approach to covering the day

What is your style?

My work is artistic and modern. I like natural and cinematic footage. I suppose I would describe it as 'Cinéma vérité'

I use a wide variety of techniques to capture a wedding day; including high definition video, slider dollies, gimbals, drones, super 8 film and timelapse

How long have you been filming weddings?

I started way back in 2010. Alot has changed within the wedding videography industry since then, with the advent of more advanced technologies and techniques, but the creative principles remain exactly the same.

I'd estimate that I've shot over 300 weddings now (Phew)

We are having a fire-breathing, acrobatic, knife throwing magician. Do we need to let you know?

Yes please. And any other detail about your day that you think I should know. Even if it's just a little thing. It would be great to know. Surprises on wedding days are great for guests but not so much for a videographer, as it could mean I'll miss the moment because I'm not in the right place or using the best lens

We are getting married in a church? Can you film the ceremony?

In most cases it'll be fine to film the ceremony at a church. But it is definitely worth notifying the vicar or priest that you wish to have it recorded. They may request an additional fee for this, but most churches permit this as part of their Church Copyright Licence (CCL) and, so therefore, don't require any payment.

How long is the film?

The running time varies depending on the length of your ceremony and speeches. But on average a full film is approximately 35 mins to 1 hour. Each section of the film (ceremony, confetti, first dance .etc) is divided into a separate chapter, so you can either watch the film in its entirety or go to a specific section

How long after our wedding day will we receive the film?

On average you will receive your wedding film in approximately 12-16 weeks. The online trailer highlights will be available approximately 4-6 weeks after your wedding day. This depends on the time of year that you get married. If it's during the busy summer season it will take longer than in winter. I try and take as long as I can when I edit a wedding film. Each one is unique and is created as such

I don't like to rush something that is very important.

Should we have a DVD or a USB version of the film?

DVD is a format which is nearly 20 years old and, even though it's stood the test of time, it's beginning to show its age (especially with the advent of large screen high resolution televisions). I won't get too technical (I promise) but a USB version of a wedding film is nearly twice the resolution of a DVD, which means practically double the amount of detail.

You can play a digital video file on a PC, laptop, iPhone, and directly through a smart TV.

And you can even use the USB video file to create your own DVDs if you had relatives who weren't quite so technically able

Do we have to provide food for you on the day?

No, not all. I totally appreciate that a wedding is very expensive and the costs soon add up. But a hot meal would be very gratefully received if possible. A lot of reception venues tend to be quite remote and I don't like to leave during my break as it could mean missing some great moments, so getting a decent meal can be tricky. If you feed me I might even stay a bit longer in the evening to continue filming as I won't be so desperate to leave to get supper

Do you offer a discount for mid-week or winter weddings?

I'm afraid not. The amount of work is still exactly the same, as I give every single wedding I attend my 100% commitment to creating the best film possible. Winter weddings are, in fact, actually harder to film than summer ones as the daylight hours are so much shorter

Do you charge for travel?

Where possible no. But if you are getting married at a location that's quite far from where I live in Cheltenham then I would have to charge a basic fuel rate (only to cover my petrol cost)